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Guestbook for UltiPhotos
The dynamics of "action" photo's really shine here. I can really appreciate the talent that is on display. Congrats and keep up the good work!
hi Kevin, i have to agree with Charlotte's comment about the way you capture such fast paced action. Its amazing the way your pictures are full of life and give such a realistic feel of as if a person was at the actual event. I may have to get some packages too.
Wow Kevin. Every time i come and see your new collection of photographs, i am always as impressed as i was on my previous visit. I don't understand how well your images manage to communicate motion so well. Each of your picture comes alive when you are capturing the ultimate club action. They are so captivating that i am going to order some of the packages soon. I am hoping to see you in action again at the next event and going to come over to get some tips from you :)
6.Tom Spittle
Ordered 3 extra large photos from Steakfest 2012. Exceptional photo quality & one of the easiest websites to place orders. By far the BEST !!!!! Thanks for the great photos
5.Freddy Tsai(non-registered)
Hey Kevin I like the new layout of the site!

Pics are awesome. Excited for you to come to CUFF this year!
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