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UltiPhotos official coverage of MLU (Major League Ultimate)'s Philadelphia Spinners vs DC Current game on 6/22/13 at Colonial Stadium in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Photos by Brian Canniff and Sean Carpenter.

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MLU Spinners Vs. CurrentDC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC39037DC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC39061MLU Spinners Vs. CurrentMLU Spinners Vs. CurrentDC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC39337DC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC39359DC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC48408MLU Spinners Vs. CurrentDC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC48436MLU Spinners Vs. CurrentMLU Spinners Vs. CurrentDC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC48641MLU Spinners Vs. CurrentDC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC48687DC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC48729DC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC39426DC_AT_PHL_2013_06_22_BC48749MLU Spinners Vs. CurrentMLU Spinners Vs. Current