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Photos previously reserved for the USA Ultimate Magazine, including the cover shot.

Kevin Leclaire's Official Event Photography for the 2011 USA Ultimate College Championships held in Boulder, CO on May 27-30.

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Round 1 Whitman Layout KWL DSC_4586_crRound 2 Iowa comes down with the score in upset of Pitt -KWL - DSC_1671_crCallahan winner Lindsey Tunnell catches the disc against Oregon in Pool Play - KWL - DSC_1890_crTexas captain Ben Hamilton makes the layout grab against UVa in Pool Play - KWL - DSC_5076_crHarvard's Devon Williams makes the sky for a score against Wisconsin in Qtrs - KWL - College Qtrs_20110528_2006 DSC_6707_crSat R1 Washington attempts the D on Stanford - KWL - College Sat_20110528_1116 DSC_2654_crUNCW bids for the D vs Stanford in Qtrs - KWL - College Qtrs_20110528_2138 DSC_6844_crSat R1 Whitman Skies Cornell for the disc - KWL - College Sat_20110528_1183 DSC_2721_crHarvard v. Cornell in pool play - KWL - College Sat R2_20110528_0053 DSC_5846_crMarie catches the layout score from Finney for UCSB -- USA Ultimate Magazine Cover Photo Summer 2011 issueUCSC v Florida in pool play - KWL - College Sat R2_20110528_0195 DSC_5999_crIowa makes the bid on the showcase field - KWL - College Sat_20110528_1359 DSC_2905_crCUT makes the score - KWL - Semi CUT Iowa_20110528_2620 DSC_7154_crCUT makes the catch btwn defenders - KWL - Semi CUT Iowa_20110528_2630 DSC_7164_crTufts makes difficult grab v Illinois in Pool Play - KWL - College Sat R4_20110528_0438 DSC_6283_crPie Queens Callahan Finalist makes the D vs UNC in preqtrs - KWL - College Sat R5_20110528_0778 DSC_6423_crWisc layout score - KWL - Semi Wisc v Colo_20110528_3125 DSC_7559_crUNC Callahan winner Leila Tunnel makes the catch between UCSB defenders in qtrs - KWL - College Qtrs_20110529_4000 DSC_3741_crUCSB lays out in the end zone in qtrs vs UNC - KWL - College Qtrs_20110529_4005 DSC_3747_crMichigan pulls the disc - KWL - Semi Mich v Oreg_20110529_3633 DSC_4246_cr