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The history of ultimate told through photos, which have been donated from Joe Seidler's Ultimate History website.

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1977 Irvine, Kalb and Schmeckel1978 Cal States,  Irv Kalb1978, Victor Malafronte1979 Cal States, Dan Weiss and Steve Rieck1979 Western Regionals, Harvey Edwards and Tom "TK" Kennedy1980 Nationals1980 Nationals1980 Tom TK Kennedy1980 Western Regionals, Henry Callahan1980, Keay Nakae and Dan Weiss1980, The Flying Circus, Rick Piras1981 Nationals1981 Nationals, Bart Merrill1981 Rose Bowl, Tom TK Kennedy1981, Henry Callahan and John "Moondog" Mooney1981, Jon Cohn1982 Austin, Cliff Marhoeffer1982, Bob Sick and Bob "Bobo" Austin1982, Doug Saulter1982, Doug Saulter