Sharing Photo Favorites

Other than purchasing photos, the following are the only authorized ways to share photos on – All other methods such as screen grabbing or copying photo(s) from the website are expressly prohibited.


The 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships in Sarasota, FloridaThe 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships in Sarasota, FloridaJessica Stockbrugger (Stella #77) lays out to keep possession during the opening round at the 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships, PAUC, , Sarasota, Florida © Billy Dzwonkowski for UltiPhotos To share a single photo, gallery, or slideshow click the Share icon above an individual photo. This will provide options to copy the direct link or share a link to the photo/gallery/slideshow on Facebook, Twitter or by email. (Option not available in mobile view.)

You can also create and share a set of your favorite photos. You can use this favorites set to share with friends or family, keep track of photos you may want to order later, or even share photos with UltiPhotos to inquire about volume discounts.*

To make your favorites set, simply add photos by either:

A)      If you are looking at a photo, click the Favorites/Heart icon located above the photo. (Icon appears in lower left of photo on mobile view.) Repeat for other photos of interest.

B)       If you are looking at a gallery page with photos you would like to select:

  • In the upper right hand section of the page, click on the button marked Select Photos.
  • Move your mouse over the bottom-left corner of a photo thumbnail and click on the black circle that appears. A check mark will be added.
  • Repeat this action with each thumbnail for all your favorite photos in that gallery, or use the Select: All if you wish to select all the photos in the gallery.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the Favorites/Heart icon in the upper left corner of each photo to automatically add them to your favorites.
  • This option is not supported in mobile view.

A link to "Favorites: My Selection" will now appear at the top left corner of the page. Click to manage this collection, rename it by clicking again, and "Share" it via the Share Favorites button at the top of the page. If a favorite set has already been added, you will have the option to continue to add to that set, or make a new set.

*To get a quote on a volume discount, share your list with UltiPhotos and mention desired sizes and products (e.g. prints or digital downloads) in the form that pops up and enter your email address and click send. We will respond directly to the email address you provide.



Saving Photos for Purchase Later

If you'd like to save a special favorites set to purchase later, there is 2019 USAU D1 College Ultimate National Championships2019 USAU D1 College Ultimate National Championships05/24/2019 - Round Rock, TX - Nicholas Gerber (Michigan MagnUM #59) celebrates at the 2019 USAU D1 College Ultimate National Championships. © Paul Rutherford / UltiPhotos a feature just for that! In the gallery view, select the Buy dropdown link in the top right and click Select Photos to Buy. You can select photos using the check marks in the bottom left-corner of each photo. When you have all your photos selected, click on the Save for Later button in the top right. This will create a new Selected for Purchase favorites set. The set can then be accessed from any browser you login to.

Just like with Favorites sets, you can click the Send to button to share with friends, family, or the photographer.  While viewing a photo in the set, you can choose to Buy or Remove the photo, or if viewing the thumbnails of the set, Buy All and Remove All options appear.



Modifying and Saving a Set of Photos


Click on the Favorites or Selected for Purchase Later link and your set of photos will load.

  1. Move your mouse over My Favorites and click to drop down a new menu.
  2. Select Rename as you mouse over the set.
  3. Type the name you would like to use for your favorites set.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Now that you have created a Favorites set you can drag and drop photo thumbnails to re-arrange into a specific order if needed.
  6. If you decide to remove a photo from the set, highlight the thumbnail and then click Remove or Remove All at the top of the page.