UltiPhotos Event Photography FAQ

Q: How can our tournament, showcase game, clinic, or other Ultimate-related event hire UltiPhotos?
If you're interested in having us at your tournament, great!  Check out the rest of the FAQ and let's talk -- drop us a note via our contact page or email (events (at) ultiphotos.com) and tell us about your event (type of event, dates, division(s), # of teams, and location).
Q: Why UltiPhotos?
UltiPhotos is the premier Ultimate event photography provider in North America. Our photographers are passionate about Ultimate. We routinely capture amazing action shots and the most memorable moments at all levels of competition. UltiPhotos “Official Tournament Photography” can benefit the event organizer and participants in many ways:
  1. Desired Tournament Amenity: Provides the tournament attendees a better overall experience, knowing that the tournament and their team will be covered by one or more pros. (We are constantly getting people on the sidelines asking “did you get that shot” for a layout or a D, and then calling teammates over to see the results).
  2. Promotion: It can be used to promote the tournament to help encourage those last few teams to come.
  3. Exposure: UltiPhotos has a partnership with leading Ultimate online media provider Ultiworld, and we make our event photos available for their articles.
  4. Memories: These great photos will keep the tournament attendees thinking and talking about the great experience they had at the tourney, hopefully making them even more excited to come back next year.
  5. Event growth: Helps promote and grow the tournament for following years (UltiPhotos tournament coverage has helped small to medium size tournaments grow by more than 50% and attract higher profile teams from one year to the next).
  6. Experience: UltiPhotos has been trusted by luminaries like USA Ultimate, UK Ultimate, and BULA to cover their national and world championships. With thousands of hours of tournament photography under our belts and experience covering even the biggest matchups and biggest games, UltiPhotos can bring the best-in-class photography services to ultimate tournaments of any size.
Q: What does UltiPhotos provide as the Official Event Photographer?
  1. Coverage of each day of the tournament or event, (e.g. the standard weekend tournament includes broad coverage of Saturday pool play and deeper coverage of the upper division playoffs on Sunday).
  2. Tournament photography promotion and marketing via UltiPhotos social media and email marketing to thousands of UltiPhotos fans.
  3. Preview highlight galleries for each day of the tournament to give participants and fans an immediate look at some of the best photos. (Usually posted each evening of the tournament, depending on photographer’s travel requirements).
  4. Full photo galleries posted in a few days to a few weeks (depending on the size of the event).
  5. Professional prints and high-quality image downloads made available for sale for personal use to participants and their parents via UltiPhotos.com for more permanent memories when desired.
Q: What does UltiPhotos ask for in return in order to best promote the photo galleries?
  1. Designation as the “Official Tournament (or Event) Photographer” with links to UltiPhotos.com, as well as our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) on your tournament web page, in the tournament program, and on the tournament's USAU Score Reporter page as applicable. 
  2. A mention with these links in at least one pre-tournament captain’s email.
  3. The ability to send (or provide content for) a post-tournament captain's emails that contain links to these galleries.
  4. Mirroring UltiPhotos' social media posts on any social media accounts your tournament or host organization/team may have.
  5. An ad in the event program (if you have one)
Q: What does it cost to hire UltiPhotos?
In terms of cost, we ask for a modest tournament coverage fee for our time shooting and editing, and to cover our expenses to shoot this tournament. For a single photographer, this fee can be as little as a few dollars per player depending on the event and the travel requirements. This is a drop in the bucket compared to what players invest to train for, gear up, and travel to tournaments.