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Created 29-Dec-15
Modified 30-Dec-15
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The top photos from UltiPhotos' official coverage of MLU (Major League Ultimate)'s Washington DC Current in the 2015 season.

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Boston Whitecaps @ DC CurrentDC Current vs Boston WhitecapsDC Current vs Boston WhitecapsBoston Whitecaps @ DC CurrentPHL Spinners @  DC Current - MLU - 4/25/15Boston Whitecaps vs. DC CurrentBoston Whitecaps vs. DC CurrentHighlights - DC Current at NY Rumble 5/10/15Highlights - DC Current at NY Rumble 5/10/15New York Rumble vs DC Current 5-10-2015DC Current vs NY RumbleDC Current vs NY RumblePhiladelphia Spinners @ DC CurrentPhiladelphia Spinners @ DC CurrentDC Current @ PHL Spinners - MLU - 6/6/15MLU Spinners vs. CurrentDC Current @ PHL Spinners - MLU - 6/6/15Boston Whitecaps @ DC CurrentBoston Whitecaps @ DC CurrentPhiladelphia Spinners @ DC Current