Redeeming Your Team Credit


What is a "team credit"?

When you purchase a team photography package with UltiPhotos, a 'team photo credit' is typically included. Once we receive payment, we will send you a coupon code - your team credit - that will allow you to order photos from our website up to a specified amount. 

What is it good for?

  1. Team credits are good for digital downloads only. 
  2. They can only be redeemed for photos from the tourney you purchased the package for (i.e. Club Champs 2022, D-I College Champs 2022, etc.) Team package revenues help cover costs and time invested by the photographers to cover this event and as such can only be applied to photos from UltiPhotos Team Photographers for that event.
  3. Digital Downloads come with a personal use license. By purchasing a Team Photography Package, UltiPhotos is extending this personal use license to not-for-profit team use on the team's website and social media accounts.  If you want to transfer the photo for use by another organization or use the photo in any commercial way, please contact UltiPhotos for permission.

wucc2014_day8_20140809_184313_JBP00004wucc2014_day8_20140809_184313_JBP00004San Francisco Revolver celebrates their victory in the Open Division at the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championship in Lecco, Italy. Aug 8, 2014. ©2014 Jeff Bell Photo. All Rights Reserved.

2014 USAU National Championships - Pro Flight Qualifier2014 USAU National Championships - Pro Flight QualifierFRISCO, TX: Nightlock vs. Molly Brown. Pro Flight Qualifier at USAU Club Nationals 2014. October 19, 2014. © Daniel Thai for UltiPhotos

How many photos will my credit cover?

The amount of photos you can get with your purchase is entirely dependent on what you select. We offer different sizes of digital download at different prices, from small sized social media or website use up to high resolution printing sizes. You can mix and match when selecting photos for your order.

What if I want more photos than my credit allows for?

Most team packages come with additional discount coupons that can be used on other orders for your team's players and their families! Please note that these cannot be combined with the team credit, as you cannot enter two coupons for one order. Feel free to inquire about bulk discounts on additional photos from this or other tournaments.

So how do I use my team credit?

Great question! We'll send you an e-mail as soon as your team's full coverage is up so that you can get started on putting your order together. There are many different ways to go about creating your order - some teams use our website's 'Favorites' option to keep track of the photos they like best, others delegate one person to choose all the top shots and some even pass a spreadsheet around so that each player can select a photo or two. Others will even request UltiPhotos to make their team's photo selection to UltiPhotos for a small fee. There is no one right way to select your photos!

There is a right way to order, though, and it goes like this: Once you know all the photos you want to include in your order, start adding them to your cart in the appropriate product size.  Make sure that "USD" is selected as the currency when adding photos, unless we specify otherwise.  Once they're all in there, double check the total amount to make sure your credit will cover it. If not, that's okay, you'll just have to cover the rest of the payment. Enter your team credit code into the coupon code section and make sure that it takes off the correct amount. If it doesn't, please contact us before proceeding through checkout!

Once completed, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to download the photos in one handy zip file! Be sure to check your spam filter if you don't see this email. Also enclosed in the zip is a copy of our personal usage license - make sure you read this and are aware of our policies!

Pool Play - Texas High School State Championships 2019Pool Play - Texas High School State Championships 2019PLANO, TX - Pool play. Texas High School State Championships. May 4, 2019. © Daniel Thai for UltiPhotos.
Sunday Highlights - 2013 USA Ultimate D-I College ChampsSunday Highlights - 2013 USA Ultimate D-I College ChampsSunday highlights from USA Ultimate D-I College Championships, Madison, WI.

Wait! I got an error!

We hope that your team order process goes smoothly, but here are some things to check for if you get an error:

If your credit coupon doesn't take off the correct amount, check first to see if you have photos from other tourneys, other years, or prints. Your credit will only apply to digital downloads from the specified tourney you bought the package for. 

Also, our coupon codes are currency-dependent. If you're placing the order in a different country than where your team is based, you might have a currency issue. Send us an email if you run into this problem!

We truly hope you enjoy our coverage of your team and are able to easily and quickly redeem your team credit! If you have any further questions or difficulties, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]!