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UltiPhotos is the home for the Ultimate Frisbee and nature photography of Kevin W. Leclaire.
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UltiPhotos by Kevin Leclaire
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5.Freddy Tsai(non-registered)
Hey Kevin I like the new layout of the site!

Pics are awesome. Excited for you to come to CUFF this year!
Wanted to purchase some ultimate pictures for my son and found this site extrememly easy to use. I've purchased pictures from other sites for various activities, but by far this was one of the easiest I've used. The ability to crop the photo at ordering was a huge bonus. Great Job.
2.Stephanie Lawton(non-registered)
Can't agree more with Brandon - there are some amazing photos on this site, and he really manages to demonstrate why so many of us love this sport. He can even make relatively mediocre players like me look like we're doing something awesome, and if someone really does make an amazing play, somehow he always seems to catch it. Some of these shots are so beautifully framed I have no idea how he managed them. On the other end of the spectrum I think we've all discovered just how ridiculous our facial expressions can be when we're focused completely on the game.
1.Brandon Wu(non-registered)
Kevin's sense of timing is impeccable - his best shots always seem to capture both the action and the facial expressions that are key to great sports photography. If you see him on the sidelines, start thinking about doing something sick, because chances are he'll capture it.
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